February 19, 2018

Family Day is this Monday, February 19 and my mom and dad are coming to visit! It’s a good thing too, because I have a lot going on this weekend and I need their help. We have two Music with Mandy Shows happening at 11 AM and 2 PM. I will also be doing a quick opening set for Mr Rayz at the Eau Claire Market at 1 PM. It will be jam packed!!

I love singing songs and playing games at all of my shows but my favourite part of MWM is when I get to collaborate with talented musicians. This weekend I will get to work with musicians as young as 5 as well as established professionals. These shows will the be debut of the MWM children’s choir. It is made up of some veteran MWM performers as well as some newcomers. They are small but mighty and I look forward to sharing the stage with Melissa, Georgia, Elena, Miles and Sophia!

I am incredibly grateful for all the incredible young musicians I have met through Chinook School of Music. At the Studio Space I will be joined on stage by four incredibly talented soloists; Free, Adrianna, Riley and Sephira!




My special guest for the 11 AM show is Mr. Rayz. We met on Instagram shortly after I launched MWM on August 11, 2017. I was promoting some shows and he sent me a message just to say hi and congratulations. So when I was looking for someone to open these shows, he was my first thought! We met in person a few weeks ago and jammed late into the night. I can’t wait to share the stage with him. His positive outlook and contagious energy is truly inspiring. Check out his website and be sure to listen to his album which is available here!



At 2 PM I will be joined by my friend and colleague Anna Mendham. She is an opera singer with an enthusiasm for children’s music which has led to original recitals for organizations such as OrchKids in Baltimore. Her favourite roles to date have been a hopeless romantic called Ann Truelove, A Fairy Queen and Cinderella. I met her almost two years ago when she began teaching  Music Kids at CSM with me. I have never been in an opera and only dabbled in classical singing as a teen but I look forward to seeing what happens when we combine our styles on Monday!



As always I will be joined by Ian Yule on drums and Matt Morris on keys. As a special treat we will be featuring Stefano Valdo on the double bass. These guys help bring my music to life and make MWM a special treat for me, kids and their families.

I hope to see you there!

Mandy xo

Music with Mandy-5

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