On the Sunny Side of the Street – Colouring Books!

On the Sunny Side of the Street Artwork

On the Sunny Side of the Street is Music with Mandy’s highly anticipated, debut album set to be released on September 22, 2018. Drawing on many years of experience as an early childhood music educator and her training as a jazz vocalist, Mandy has put together a collection of songs designed to introduce a new generation to the wonderful world of jazz. The album opens with I Got Rhythm which introduces listeners to the instruments in the MWM quartet. Orange Colored Sky is the first single off of the album. It features Quinn Brosseau on violin in an adaptation of the standard by Stein & Delugg that is based on a walk Mandy took in Calgary in the summer of 2017 when the sky was orange with smoke. I am Slowly Going Crazy and Sandwiches are a nod to the music that Mandy grew up with reimagined in her quirky, jazz style. And I Won’t Dance is a fun song to play when you don’t want to dance. It features young singers from Chinook School of Music.

Mandy Morris – Vocals, Ukulele and Kazoo

Matt Morris – Piano

Ian Yule – Drums

Kodi Hutchinson – Bass

Quinn Brosseau – Violin

Libby Code, Adrianna Kares, Elena Lonardelli, Olivia Mix, Danica Peters, Gabi Peters, Mitra Pooranalingam, Anja Roth, Carolyn Smart, Graham Smart and Payton Young – Group and Solo vocals





Download Code (available September 22)




Colouring Book with Downloadable Music

Colour and answer questions about the music while listening to the entire downloadable album!




Colouring Book

Get a copy of the colouring book Mandy drew to go along with this album (no music included)


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