The Second Annual Legacy Foundation Christmas Fundraiser

The Second Annual

Live, interactive concert for kids featuring Mandy Morris, Matt Morris, Kodi Hutchinson, Ian Yule and Music with Mandy Singers. With lots of fun activities like games, silent auction, dance party and video shoot.

December 22, 2018 at 2:00 PM

Doherty Hall

623 13 AV SE, Calgary, T2G 1C4

Tickets are pick your own price will all proceeds going to the Legacy Children’s Foundation Gift of Music Program $25-$40 are available here.

Music with Mandy is jazz for kids, with kids. It began in August 2017 when Mandy Morris collaborated Alberta jazz mainstays Matt Morris, Ian Yule and Kodi Hutchinson to bring jazz to a younger audience through interactive standards as well as jazzy kids tunes. In the past year she released her first album “On the Sunny Side of the Street”, has sold out multiple shows in Calgary and Manitoba, performed at JazzYYC’s International Jazz Day Celebration, Decidedly Jazz Danceworks and Studio Bell – home of the National Music Centre.

Mandy would like to give back to this incredible city that she calls home. Last year on December 23 she hosted a sold out fundraiser for the Legacy Children’s Foundation Gift of Music Program (LCFGMP). This year the show has grown and will feature a live band, 10 local youth, Christmas Carollers, games and a chance to be in a Music with Mandy Music Video. It is sure to be fun for the whole family!

The Legacy Children’s Foundation Gift of Music Program has been operating for 15 years in support of youth that are at high risk of leaving school early, being lured into criminal and or gang activity or who’s families are challenged financially. They offer donated, refurbished instruments (primarily guitars), weekly half hour private guitar lessons and, when finances, permit 1-3 day workshops. They also offer hour long, individualized, weekly DJ lessons. The LCFGMP supports on average 150 youth per year with the program running from September to the end of June each year. The program is delivered primary in Calgary and there are programs in Cochrane, Fort McMurray and the First Nations community of Eden Valley. The LCFGMP’s goal is to keep these children in school and they consistently have an 80% success rate. This saves millions of tax payer dollars and helps young people complete their education so that they may become successful and contributing adults. To achieve this success, the student remain connected to the same instructor within the same setting for an average of 6-8 years, some over 10. This high and consistent level of engagement is unheard of in the charity world and it’s results really puts this program over the top.

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