Upcoming Shows

September 29 at 10:30 AM High River Library

October 21 at 3:30 PM The Rec Room South Edmonton with Martha Messmaker

November 4 at 11 AM & 2 PM at DJD in collaboration with Tri-Tone Rhythm Ensemble. Tickets available here.

December 15 at 8 PM at 922 9th Ave SE in collaboration with the Kinkonauts. “Radio Daze” – a live improvised radio show!

December 22 at 2 PM at Walton Hall. The Second Annual Music with Mandy Christmas Fundraiser for the Legacy Children’s Foundation – Tickets will be available November 1. Check back for more information.

January 19 & 20 at 3 PM at Evergreen Theatre Space for TB Weekends. Tickets available here.

February 18 at 11 AM & 2 PM at Walton Hall in collaboration with the Kinkonauts. Tickets available here.


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